superspeciality Hospital-Invitation For Quoation

  • 03 Oct 2018
    Quotationfor Cardiology Instruments Biphasic Defibriltr in Surgical storeDt.25.09.18Last Dt.06.10.18

    Govt. Medical College & Superspeciality Hospital, Nagpur. Phone No.0712-2701541 Fax No.0712-2746682 Quotation Notice(Superspeciality Hospital Nagpur)Portal: Ref No./GMCSSHN/PS/Cardiac/QT/3622/18 Date:-25.09.18 Last Date of Submission:06.10.18 Time:04.00pm Quotation are invited Quotation for Cardiology Instruments Biphasic Defibrillator in Surgical store Available Superspeciality Hospital Nagpur, Surgical Store.The Quotation documents can be obtain from the Surgical Store. For more datails please Contact:-Office Of The Dean, Superspeciality Hospital Nagpur-440 003 MAHARASHTRA