Establishment :
Contact No. : Landline : 0712-2744672
Extension No. 216
Fax No.
Location: O.T E. complex, 1st floor.
I) Courses Offered with Intake Capacity
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity
1 M.S. Ortho 1 per year
II) Facilities Provided
Fracture clinic
Spine clinic
Arthroscopy Sports Medicine
Arthroplasty Rheumatology clinic
Paediatric orthopaedic clinic
Sickle cell clinic run in association with Department of Paediatrics
III) Research Activities
A. Research Publications in indexed journals in Last Three Years
Sr.No Name of author Title Year Name, volume no of journal
1 Dr. Pravin Agrawal
Dr. Satyajeet Jagtap
Dr. S.R.Mitra
Extra abdominal desmoid tumour of the leg Jan.2008 Singapore Medical Journal
2 Dr. Sumedh Chaudhary Open intercondylar fractures of the distal humerus: Management using a miniexternal fixator construct June 2008 Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Volume 17, Issue 3
B. CME, Workshop, or conferences organized by Department
Sr.No Name of programme Date &Year
1 Symposia on Blood conversation techniques and role of tranexamic acid in orthopaedic surgeries September  2008
2 Symposium on cerebral palsy & Workshop on Botulinum toxin injection  June 2008
3 Clinical meeting in association with Vidarbha Orthopaedic Association – Dr. A.N.Verma Prof & HOD, Allahabad spoke on bone grafting techniques and Medicolegal aspects in orthopaedic practice Sep 2007
4 First Fracture Fixation Course July 2007
5 Spinal Cord Injury workshop May 2007
6 Arthritis awareness camp with “Walkathon” of THR patients March 2007
C. Ongoing Research Projects Or Community Research Projects
Sr.No Name of Doctors Name of Projects
1 Dr. Mitra
Dr. Mitra
Skeletal survey in patients with Fluorosis and study of prevalence of spinal stenosis and other related spinal ailments in these patients
2 Dr. Mitra Conducting research work on ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament of cervical spine in this region
3 Dr. Mitra Participating in joint replacement research conducted by ISHKS
4 Dr. Mitra Epidemiological study of spinal cord injury in Nagpur
5 Dr. Mitra Comparative study of spinal TB pts. Operated with or without instrumentation
6 Dr. Mitra Study of percutaneous endoscopic discectomy using Young’s endoscope in patients with contained disc prolapse
7 Dr. Mitra Long term follow up of uncemented THR pts
8 Dr. Mitra Study of single stage anterior decompression & post. Instrumentation by single post midline incision in pts with TB spine
9 Dr. Mitra Long segment cervical spine corpectomy in spondylotic myelopathy
10 Dr Devashish Barick Long term of total elbow arthroplasty using sloppy hinge prosthesis
11 Dr Devashish Barick MIPPO in proximal femur fractures
12 Dr. Tathe Role of JESS in proximal humerus fractures
13 Dr. Pravin Agrawal MIPPO in lower end tibia fractures
14 Dr. Pravin Agrawal Long term foot & ankle problems in poliomyelitis patients
15 Dr. Sumedh Chaudhary Comparison studies of ORIF with plating versus JESS fixator in treatment of intercondylar T-Y fractures of lower end humerus
16 Dr. Sumedh Chaudhary Skeletal manifestations in sickle cell patients
17 Dr. Shailesh Bijwe Short term results of uncemented Total Hip Arthroplasty in young sickle cell patients
18 Dr. Jagtap Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction
19 Dr. Jagtap Clinical outcome of intra-articular hyaluronic acid in osteoarthrosis knee pts
20 Dr. Anup Padamwar Vertebroplasty using acrylic bone cement in osteoporotic vertebral collapse
D. Postgraduat Thesis Work :
Sr.No Name of Resident JR1/2/3/ Name of Guide Name of Title Year of Submission
1 Mr.Anup padamwar JR. 3 Dr. S.R.Mitra Vertebroplasty in osteoporotic vertebral fractures 2009
2 Mr.Aditya pawaskar   Dr. S.R.Mitra Modic changes on MRI in patients with lumbar PID 2008
3 Mr.Krishna Tiwari   Dr. S.R.Mitra Motion studies in bipolar hip arthroplasty 2007
4 Mr.Akshay marawar   Dr. S.R.Mitra PF nailing for proximal femur fractures 2006
IV ) Academic Calender (HOD is suppose to give termwise calender)
Total no. of clinical posting    3 posting total 180 hours
Duration of OT posting        1/3 of duration of clinical posting
Bed side clinics                   1/3 of duration of clinical posting
Total period of attendance in OPD    1/3 of duration of clinical posting
LECTURES - 60 (Lecture schedule for MBBS students )
Day Time Batch Venue
Monday 8-9am 6th sem Plastic surgery hall
Wednesday 8-9am 8th sem Surgery lect. hall
Thursday 8-9am 4th sem Obstetric lect. hall
Day Timec Batch Venue
Thursday 1-3pm A Obstetric lect. hall
Thursday 1-3pm B Plastic surgery hall
Thursday 1-3pm C API A hall
Thursday 1-3pm D API B hall
V) Internal Assessment Examination Time Table (Probeble/Final)
PCT at end of each clinical posting
Prelims exam
VI) OPD / SPECIALITY (Clinic Schedule )
(HOD is suppose to specify OPD timetable/unitwise distribution of staff & timing of speciality clinic)
DAY No of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Other Doctors On Duty Timing
Monday 1,4 Dr. Sajal R. Mitra Dr Pankaj Tathe
Dr. Pravin Agrawal
Dr Milind Ingle
Dr. Mukesh Sancheti
8 – 12 :30
Tuesday 2 Dr Devashis Barick Dr. Sumedh Chaudhary 8 – 12 :30
Wednesday 3 Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh Dr Shailesh Bijwe 8 – 12 :30
Thursday 1,4 Dr. Sajal R. Mitra Dr Pankaj Tathe Dr. Pravin Agrawal
Dr Milind Ingle Dr. Mukesh Sancheti
8 – 12 :30
Friday 2 Dr Devashis Barick Dr. Sumedh Chaudhary 8 – 12 :30
Saturday 3 Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh Dr Shailesh Bijwe 8 – 12 :30
Schedule for speciality clinic
Name of Clinic Days of Clinic Name of Incharge Of Clinic Timings of Clinic
Fracture clinic Monday   9:30  –  11:30 am
Fracture clinic Friday   11:30 – 1:30 pm
Spine & backache clinic Monday   11:30 – 1:30 pm
Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Tuesday   11:30 – 1:30 pm
Arthroplasty & Rheumatology Wednesday   11:30 – 1:30 pm
Paediatric orthopaedic Thursday   11:30 – 1:30 pm
No.of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Associate Professor Assistant Professor (Lecturer) Medical Officer JR1 JR2 JR3
I Dr. Sajal R. Mitra   Dr. Pravin
Dr Milind Ingle     Dr. Anup Padamwar
II Dr Devashis Barick Dr Devashis Barick Dr. Sumedh
Dr Satyajit jagtap Dr Atul Patil    
III Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh Dr. Yogesh Deshmukh Dr Shailesh Bijwe     Dr Ritesh Meghare Dr Prashant Jogi
IV Dr Pankaj Tathe Dr Pankaj Tathe Dr. Mukesh
    Dr.Snehal Shambharkar Dr Lokesh Khatwar