Establishment : 1996
Contact No. : Landline : 0712-2703497
Extension No. : 518
Fax No.:
Location: Ground floor, Super Speciality Hospital,Nagpur.
I) Facilities Provided
A. Please give names of Special Services, Clinics, Lab services, patient education programmes etc.


Haematology Investigation- Haemogram, Bone Marrow examination, ESR.
Urinesis, Stool Examination
Coagulation Profile . BT,CT.PT
II ) Achievments by Staff members (Academic & Extracurricular)
Dr.Saroj Gaikwad-

Paper Presentation at Sawani Wardha & Staff Research Society MAPCON (2008 ) at Sawangi Wardha tite “ Roe of crush smear cytology in rapi iagnosis of CNS tumors” an got Ist prize at MAPCON 2008.

Dr.Shilpa Narkhee-

Presente Poster titled “ Meningeal Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma “ atMAPCON 2008 at Sawangi.

Dr.Archana Narnaware-

Presente poster tilted “ Intra operative cytoogica ianosis of sub ependymal giant ce astrocytoma in absence of tuberous scerosis” at MAPCON 2007 at Navi Mumbai.
Dr.Sanjay Chawhan-

a) Poster presentation at MAPCON 2006,Nashik an at CYTOCON 2007,Allahabad ( UP) title- Cytodianosis of skin lesions in HIV Positie individuas. Got Ist prize at both paces.

b) Paper presentation at APCON 2008, S.R.M. Unilversity, Kattankalathur, Chennai.. tite “ Punching and needling the skin lesions : Panorama in HIV & AIDS with CD4 correation.”