Establishment : 1947
I) Courses Offered
A. Undergraduate Teaching : This dept. is teaching 4 medicine faculties:
BDS B.Sc. Nursing
II) Facilities Provided (Special Services)
a. Medical Store management of GMCH and Super Specialty Hospital
b. This dept. is heading Institutional Ethics Committee for human research.
III) Research Activities
A. RESEARCH Publication in indexed journals in last 3 yrs.
Sr.No Name of author Title Year Name, volume no of journal
1 Dr.V.R.Thawani 1) Efficacy of Tinospora cordifolia on thermal burn pts. Jan.2006
140(1), 38-43.
  2) Short term effect of Tinospora cordifolia in Allergic Rhinitis. April 2006
The Antiseptic
103 (4) 229-32
    3) Open,randomized controlled clinical trial of Boswellia serrata extract as compared to valdecoxib in osteoarthritis of knee. Feb. 2007
Ind.Jr. of Pharmacology
39 (1) 27-29.
    4) Comparative study of some indigenous drugs on serum lipids in humans. May 2007
The Antiseptic
104 (5),275-77.
    5) Hazard analysis in medical stores management. Jul.2007
The Antiseptic
104(7), 357-59
    6) Comparative study of hypo osmotic swelling tests for semen analysis. Oct.2007
The Antiseptic
    7) Need of pharmacovigilance for Ayurvedic formulations. Oct.2007
Souvenir of WHO sponsored seminar on “Safety profile of Ayurvedic dosage forms”
BHU Varanasi.
    8) Economic impact ofinterventional study on rational use of antiseptics and disinfectants in Super Speciality Hosp.of Nagpur. April 2008
Ind.Jr.of Pharmacology
40 (2), 78-83.
    9) Immunomodulatory effect of Tinospora cordfolia extract in HIV positive pts. June 2008
Ind.Jr.of Pharmac.
40 (3), 107-10.
    10) Antimicrobial activity of punica granatum fruit extract in vitro. Sept. 2008
The Antiseptic
105(9), 457-58
    11) Monitoring misuse of the WHO name and emblem in medicine promotion in India. Jan-Mar 2009
Ind.Jr.of Med.Ethics
VI(1), 10-14.
    12) Comparison of safety,efficacy and cost effectiveness of benzyl benzoate, permethrin and ivermectin in pts. Of scabies. Jan-Feb.2009 Ind.Jr.of Pharmac.
41(1), 9-14.
2 Dr.S.A.Pimpalkhute 1) Open randomized, controlled clinical trial of Bosudia serrata extract as compared to valdecoxeb in osteoarthritis of knee.
Feb. 2007
Ind.Jr. of Pharmacology
39 (1) 27-29.
    2) Immunomodulatory effects of Tinospora cordifolia extract in HIV + ve pts. Aug.2008
Ind.Jr.of Pharmac.
    3) Surveillance of prescription pattern in out pts. Dept. of Opthalmology, IGGMC & Hosp., Nagpur. Aug. 2008 Antiseptic.
    4) ABC & VED analysis in Medical stores of Indira Gandhi Govt.Medical College & Hosp. Nagpur.   Indian Medical Gazette
B. CME, Workshop, or conferences organized by Department
Sr.No Name of programme Date &Year
1 Workshop organized on “Pharmaco-vigilance” 2007
C. Ongoing Research Projects Or Community Service Projects
Sr.No Name of Projects Name of Doctors
1 Comparative study of Estradiol cream & oral clonidine in reducing menopausal symptoms in perimenopausal
Women attending GMCH OPD.
PI. Dr.Sujata Dudhgaonkar
2 Validation of MCQ Dr.A.S.Kale.
3 Study of Vasodialator Antihypertensives in syndrome X & Insulin resistant patients. Dr.N.D.Balani.
D. Postgraduat Thesis Work :
Sr.No Name of Resident JR1/2/3/ Name of Guide Name of Title Year of Submission
1 Dr.S.Jaiswal
JR. 3 Dr..S.Sontakke
Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and anti-nocieptive activities of statins-An 2009-2010
2 Dr.V.Chaudhary
JR. 2 Dr.M.C.Mehta
Three year study of antimicrobial resistant pattern & its economic impact in a govt. run hospital 2010-2011
3 Dr.S.Chaudhary
JR. 2 Dr.N.D.Balani.
Analgesic Antipyretic anti-inflammatory actions of cisus-quodrangularis. 2010-2011
4 Dr.A.Gaikwad.
JR. 1 Dr.K.M.Jaiswal
The study of effect of phenytoin on wound healing in rats. 2011-2012
5 Dr.S.Kasle. JR. 1 Dr.S.M.Parhateh Expt. Study of modification of antiepileptic effect by some Beta blocker. 2011-2012
IV ) Academic Calender
Sr.No ABCD Regular Batch
1 IIIrd Semester (Ist Term in Pharmac) 1st August every year 31st of January
2 IVth semester (IInd Term) 1st February 31st July.
3 Vth Semester (IIIrd Term) 1st August.
Next year
Univ. exam.(usually in the month of November.
EFGH Batch
1 1st Term in Pharmacology 1st February 31st July
2 2nd Term in Pharmacology 1st August 31st January
3 3rd Term in Pharmacology 1st February Next year University Exam.
(usually in May/June
V) Internal Assessment Exam Time Table (Probeble)
1 1st Term Ending Examination Usually held in 2nd or 3rd week of January
2 2nd Term Ending examination
Usually held in in 2nd or 3rd week of January
3 3rd Term Preliminary examination Usually held in last week of September or 1st week of October ( & a half month before University examination.
Term-wise Syllabus (Ref MUHS syllabus site)