Establishment : 1947
Contact No. : Landline : 0712-2701349
Extension No. 456
Fax No.
Location: First Floor, above Forensic Medicine Dept, College building.
History :

1. Year of Establishment : 1947
2. Year of Recognition of UG course by MCI: 1955
3. Year of Commencement of PG course (MD Physiology): 1952
4. Recognition of PG course by MCI: Recognised
I) Courses Offered with Intake Capacity
A. Please give names of Special Services, Clinics, Lab services, patient education programmes etc.
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity
1 1st MBBS
2 1st BDS
3 1st BPTh
4 1st BOTh
5 1st BSc Nursing
6 MD Physiology 02
II) Facilities Provided
Laboratory Services
Semen Analysis
Lung Function Test
III) Research Activities
A. RESEARCH Publication in indexed journals in last 3 yrs.
Sr.No Name of author Title Year Name, volume no of journal
1 Dr. Santosh Wakode Effect of perfusion rate on water, glucose and electrolyte absorption from commercially available ORS solution. 2006 The Anteseptic, Vol 103
2 Dr. Santosh Wakode Behavior, Attitude and Knowledge of sleep medicine 2007 Chest, Oct
B. CME, Workshop, or conferences organized by Department
Sr.No Name of programme Date &Year
1 CME on Thyroid Functions by Dr Ambulkar 30/08/2007
2 CME on Diabetes by Dr. Kelkar 19/12/1996
3 CME on Acid base balance by Dr Devpujari 19/12/1996
C. Postgraduate Thesis Work:
Sr.No Name of Resident JR1/2/3/ Name of Guide Name of Title Year of Submission
1 Dr. V R Rathod JR3 Dr. M T Jiwtode Study of effect of Yoga training on pulmonary fuctions, Respiratory pressures, Hand grip strength and Hand grip indurance Dec.2009
2 Dr C T Kakde JR3 Dr. J R Bharshankar Study of Hemodynamic changes in normal pregnancy Dec.2009
3 Dr. A D Sambre JR2 Dr. V D Tajne Study of neurophysiological changes in Diabetes mellitus Dec.2010
4 Dr. J S Sawarkar JR2 Dr. A H Kale Study of visual and auditory reaction time during various phases of menstrual cycle Dec.2010
5 Dr. P A Pande JR1 Dr. Mrs N V Mishra
Assesment of Ventilation and Diffusion studies in flour mill workers in Nagpur urban.
6 Dr. G S Tank JR1 Dr. M K Tambe Pulmonary function test and anthropometric profile in Type II Diabetes mellitus patients. Dec.2011
IV ) Academic Calender
9-10 am 10-11am 11-12am 12-1pm 1-2pm 2-3pm 3-4pm 4-5pm

OTPT Theory

MBBS Theory

BDS Practical

MBBS Practicals
Tuesday MBBS Theory  
MBBS Practical
BDS Theory (11.30 to 12.15 OTPT Theory
  B.Sc.Nursing Theory
    P G Activity
Wednesday     BDS Theory (11.30 to 12.15) OTPT Theory   MBBS Theory MBBS Practical
Thursday MBBS Theory  

MBBS Theory

BSc Nursing Theory

OTPT Theory BDS Theory   P G Activity

B.Sc.Nursing Theory


OTPT Practical

BDS Theory MBBS Theory MBBS Practical
1st, 3rd, 5th

MBBS Theory

BSc.Nursing Theory

    P G Activity
V) Ist Internal Assessment examination Time Table (Probable/Final)
  Theory Practical
Date 5.01.2010 7.01.10 8.01.10 11.01.10 12.01.10
Time 10.30 to 1.00 pm (2.30 hrs) 10 am onwards
Day Tuesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday
Place Anatomy
Lecture Hall
Lecture Hall
Room No 147 Hematology Lab
Roll .no. 1-70 71-140 141-200 51-100 101-150 151-200 1-50