Establishment : 1946
Name of Department: - Physiotherapy School & Center, G.M.C, Nagpur
Contact No. : Landline: 0712-2701685         Extn. No. 223
Fax No.:0712-
Location: Govt. Medical College, Medical Square, Hanuman Nagar, Nagpur.
History :

Previous Heads-
  • Dr. B. L. Golhar (1960 to 1988)
  • Dr. P. N. Nandurkar (1988 to 1991)
  • Dr. K. K. Surkar (1991 to 1993)
  • Dr. G. J. Ramteke (1994 to 2003)

Important Milestones-
  • Start of diploma in physiotherapy in 1963-64, under Nagpur University(2 yrs 4 months duration)
  • Start of B.Sc. PT in 1970-71, Nagpur University(2 yrs and 4 months duration)
  • Start of B.Ph.T. in 1980-81, under Nagpur University (3 yrs and 6 months)
  • Start of M.Ph.T. (by research) in 1982-83, under Nagpur University (2 yrs)
  • Start of B.Ph.T. in 1984-85, under Nagpur University (3.5 yrs and 6 months)
  • Start of B.Ph.T. in 1993-94, under Nagpur University (4 yrs and 6 months)
  • Start of B.P.Th. in 1998-99, under MUHS, Nashik (4 yrs and 6 months)
  • Start of M.P.Th. in 2007-08 under MUHS, Nashik (3 yrs)
I) Courses Offered with Intake Capacity
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity
1 B.Ph.T 30
2 M.Ph.T 06
II) Facilities Provided
  1. Cardiac Rehabilitation,
  2. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  3. Obesity Clinic
  4. Neuro-developmental clinic
  5. E.M.G.
  6. Prognostic & Therapeutics Lab
  7. Gait lab
  8. Fitness clinic
III) Research Activities
A. Research Publications in indexed journals in last three years.-none
Sr.No. Name of author Title Year Name, Volume no of journal
B. CME, Workshop, or conferences organized by Department:
Sr.No Name of programme Date & Year
C. Ongoing Research Projects or Community Service Projects.-none
Sr.No Name of Projects Name of Doctors
B. Postgraduate Thesis Work : Name of students PG I,II,III Name of Guide Yr of Submission Unit Topic
1 Priyanka Tarekar III Dr.N.Deshpande 10-11 II The immediate effect of cervical contralateral lateral glides compared with therapeutic ultra sound on pain elbow extension range of motion (P1 &P2 angle)& symptom distributation in patients with neurogenic cervico brachial pain A randomized clinical trial.
2 Aesha Siddiqui III Dr.N.Deshpande 10-11 I The effectiveness of single session of posteroanterior (PA) central mobilization (Maitland Mobilazation) on pain intensity and lumbosacral range of motion in patients with nonspecific low back pain. A clinical trail based on pre & post intervention measures.
3 Asmita Narale III Dr.U.Damke 10-11 V A study on the effectiveness of spontaneous respiratory modulation for improving cardiovascular control in patients with essential hypertension.
4 Shiril Nagarkar III Dr.U.Damke 10-11 II Effects of manual hyperinflation and suctioning on respiratory mechanics in mechanically ventilated patients with ventilator associated pneumonia.
5 Varsha Pawar II Dr.N.Deshpande 11-12 V Immediate effect of soft tissue mobilization to subscapularis muscle with proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on external rotation and overhead reach in patients with glenohumeral restricted range of motion.
6 Manali Sattarkar II Dr.S.Bhave 11-12 I Effect of isometric quadriceps activation on the Q angle in women before and after quadriceps exercise.

Reema Patil





A study on the effect of anterior versus posterior glide joint mobilization on external range of motion in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis.

8 Subodh Patle II Dr.S.Bhave 11-12 IV A Study on the efficacy of manual therapy as an intervention to supervised exercise therapy in patients with anterior knee pain.
9 Mahendra Gohane II Dr.U.Damke 11-12 V  
10 Unmesh Patwari II Dr.U.Damke 11-12 II Effect of standardized physiotherapy programme on peak expiratory flow rate and chest expansion in patients with chronic neck pain.
Day Unit No Name of unit incharge Other Doctor on duty Timing
Monday I Dr.N.Deshpande Dr. U. Gaikwad  
Tuesday II Dr.U.Damke Dr. M. Kulsange  
Wednesday III Dr.S.Bhave Dr. S. Khangare  
Thursday I Dr.N.Deshpande Dr. U. Gaikwad  
Friday II Dr.U.Damke Dr. M. Kulsange  
Saturday III Dr.S.Bhave Dr. S. Khangare  
Schedule for Sunday
Day Unit No Name of unit incharge
Name of Clinic Days of Clinic I/C name Timing
Cardiac & Pulmonary clinic, VO2/Spirometry Daily Monday Dr.U.Damke Dr.M.Kulsange 9am – 1pm
Neuro Developmental Clinic Daily Dr.V.Patle 9am – 1pm
EMG Tuesday Dr.U.Damke
9am – 1pm
Spine Assessment Clinic Wednesday Dr.V.Patle
9am – 1pm
Obesity Fitness clinic Thursday Dr.S.Bhave 9am – 1pm
Gait Lab Friday Dr.S.Bhave
9am – 1pm
Orthopaedic Daily Dr.N.Deshpande
9am – 1pm
Electrotherapeutics Daily Dr.A.Bagade 8am – 1pm
Unit wise distribution of staff
Unit No Name of unit incharge Associate Professor Assistant professor(Lecturer) Medical Officer JR1 JR2 JR3
Ist Dr.N.Deshpande Asst.Superintendent          
IInd Dr.U.Damke Lecturer          
IIIrd Dr.S.Bhave Lecturer          
IVth Dr.A.Bagade Physiotherapist          
Vth Dr.V.Patle Lecturer