Establishment :
Contact No. : Landline : 0712-2701612
Extension No. 268
Fax No. 0712-2745209
Location: Ground floor Between Central Clinical Laboratory and Radiology Dept
I) Courses offered - with intake capacity (About to start)
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity


Radiotherapy Technician course 5


M.D. Radiotherapy 1
II) Facilities Provided
Teletherapy ( Tele Cobalt-Theratron -780 E )
Brachytherapy- ( Microselectron Remot after load HDR Brachytherapy)
Chemotherapy for solid tumours
Oral morphine for cancer pain management
Palliative care
Cancer counseling
Population based cancer registry
Cancer awareness Programmes for the prevention and early detection of cancer


III ) Research Activities
Research publication
CME workshop arranged regularly
Ongoing Research projects – Two (Proposed)


IV) Achievements by staff members

OPD / Specialty clinic

Cancer Patients - Follow up programme
Ca-Breast and Surgical Cancer - Tuesday
Head & Neck - Wednesday
Medicine /Lymphoma /Lung - Thursday
Gynecology - Friday


Radiothearapy OPD/ Treatment Planning/ Day care ward.
Monday to Friday
9 to 4 p.m.
Saturday 9 to 1 p.m.


Radiation therapy

Whole day starting from 8-9 a.m. till the patients receive their treatment

OPD – Single Unit no division of days

Separate Features

No appointment for Radiotherapy Treatment
Implementation of Jeevandai Yojana for procurement of Anticancer drugs for BPL patients
Indoor ward of 30 beds for advanced stage and terminally ill patients