Head Plain ,Abdomen plain, Head contrast, Abdomen contrast, Cerebral Angiorgraphy, Abdominal angiography, Neck plain, KUB plain, Neck contrast, Urography, Carotid angiography, Renal angiography, Cervical spin, Abdomen pelvis plain, HRCT chest, Abdominal pelvis contrast, CECT chest, Lumbar spine, Oral contrast study ,Pelvis, Pulmonary angiography, Upper limb angiography, Cardiac angiography, Lower limb angiography, Thoracic spine, X-ray, USG & Doppler, CT scan, Cardiac Angiographies, Peripheral, Cerebral and Abdominal Angiographies
Facilities including subspecialities
  • X-ray –Routine
  • X-ray on bed
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Guided Aspiration
  • Special Investigation- Ba Swallow, Ba meal, Ba Follow through, Ba enema
  • IVP
  • Retrograde urethrogram
  • Pyelography
To provide service to poor and needy patient.
Prompt, good, early diagnostic services to needy.
Organization Structure & Chart
Designation No. of Post
Professor and HOD 1
Associate Professor 2
Assistant Professor 3
Awards & Achievements
  • Best Department Award 2015
Faculty Radiology
No. of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Associate Professor Assistant Professor (Lecturer) Medical Officer JR1/JR2/JR3
I Dr. B.D. Sonawane 1 4 Nil Nil
I Dr. N.G. Tembhekar 1 4 Nil Nil
I Dr. S. Mahajan 1 4 Nil Nil
I Dr.Aishairya Damodar 1 4 Nil Nil
I Dr. Amita Dhavas 1 4 Nil Nil