Establishment :
Contact No. : Landline : 0712- 2750703
Extension No. 257
Fax No.
Location: First Floor on OPD Comples
History :HOD is supposed to furnish list of previous Heads year wise, important miles stones like year of UG/PG recognition from MCI, or year of starting new courses if any, or any other information in short.
I) Courses Offered with Intake Capacity
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity
1 MBBS 200
2 MS(Gen. Surg.) 11 Every Year
II) Facilities Provided

A. Please give names of Special Services, Clinics, Lab services, patient education programmes etc.

III) OPD/ SPECIALITY Clinic schedule.
(HOD is suppose to specify OPD timetable/unitwise distribution of staff & timing of speciality clinic)
DAY No of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Other Doctors On Duty Timing
Monday I Dr S.P.Matkari Dr.Bhingare
Dr. Nagdeve
8 to 1 P.M.
Tuesday II Dr.J.B. Hedawoo Dr.V. Rathod 8 to 1 P.M.
Wednesday III Dr. B.B. Gupta Dr. S.Changole
Dr. P. Chumbale
8 to 1 P.M.
Thursday IV Dr. A.M. Quraishi Dr. M.Borkar
8 to 1 P.M.
Friday V Dr. N.K.Jaiswal Dr. A. Dhurve
8 to 1 P.M.
Saturday VI Dr.D.Jahagirdar Dr.U.Chandak 8 to 1 P.M.
No.of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Associate Professor Assistant Professor (Lecturer) Medical Officerr JR1 JR2 JR3
I Dr. S.P. Matkari   Dr.Bhingare Dr.Saxena Dr.Jannawar
Dr. Bang
II Dr. J.B. Hedawoo   Dr. Rathod   Dr. Naik
Dr. Paramne
Dr. S. Shahane
Dr. V.Kamble
III Dr. B.B. Gupta
Dr. V. Suresh
Dr. S. Sasane
Dr. Mittal
IV Dr. A.M. Quraishi   Dr. Borkar
  Dr. K.Wagh
Dr. Pandit
Dr. N.Walke
Dr. A. Wagh
V Dr. N.K. Jaiswal
  Dr. Dhurve   Dr.Anil Jadhav Dr.S.Jambilkar
Dr. A.Arya
Dr. Deepa Jahagirdar
  Dr. Chandak Dr.Multani Dr.U.Shelke Dr. V.Ratha Dr. KedarMudkhedkar
Dr. R. Saoji   Dr. Nagdeve   Dr. Mayur   Dr. Avinash Jadhav
Dr. S.S.
IV ) Any Other Information Name of President JR1/2/3 Name of Guide Name of Title Year of Submission
1 Dr. Nitin Bomanwar JR-3 Dr.Jahagirdar Role of endoscopic follow up in peptic ulcer & perforation 2009
2 Dr. Divik Mittal JR-3   Honey dressing VS SSD in superficial Burns 2009
3 Dr. Kedar Mudkhedkar JR-3 Dr.A.M.Quraishi Study of congenital ING-Scrotal
Surgeries under local +I.V.sedation
4 Dr. Prachi Kulkarni JR-3 Dr.S.P.Matkari Study of advanced Laparoscopy
Beyond cholecystectomy
5 Dr. Ravikiran Kamble JR-3 Dr.M.Shastri Study of primary closure with suction drainage Vs incision & drainage in breast
6 Dr. Rahul Chirmade JR-3 Dr. S.P.Matkari Study of stapler anastomosis in Gastointestinal surgery 2009
7 Dr. Ankur Arya JR-3 Dr.N.K.Jaiswal Study of management of Hydatid cust disease  
8 Dr. Amit Wagh JR-3 Dr.S.Changole Study of predictive factors of difficult cholecystectomy 2009
9 Dr. Avinash Jadhav JR-3 Dr. P.Bhingare Study of splenectomy in various disorder 2009
10 Dr. Inam Sheikh JR-3 Dr. A.S. Mitra Study of cholelithiasis in sickle cell disease 2009
11 Dr. Sagar Shahane JR-2 Dr. J.B.Hedawoo Study of surgical amputation lower limb 2010
12 Dr. Tarun Deshbhratar JR-2 Dr.J.B.Hedawoo   2010
13 Dr. Pritam Kabra JR-2 Dr.S.P.Matkari Management of Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgical disease by minimal access surgery 2010
14 Dr. Nilesh Walke
JR-2 Dr.A.M.Quraishi
Study of laparoscopic colorectal surgery 2010
15 Dr. Vikrant Suresh
JR-2 Dr. S.S.Changole
Effectiveness of beta glucan collagen in partial thickness buptis in pediatric age group 2010
16 Dr. Sumit Sasane
JR-2 Dr. P. Bhingare
Compression of conventional & laparoscopic surgery in veginal tumor repair 2010
17 Dr. Vishwaraj Ratha
JR-2 Dr.S.P.Matkari
Study of solitary thyroid nodule 2010
18 Dr. Sagar Jambilkar JR-2 Dr.N.K.Jaiswal Study of ultrasonography & Alvarao score in disease of acute appendicitis 2010
19 Dr. Kunal Meshram JR-2 Dr.Jahagirdar Study of efficacy of triple test in management of breast lump. 2010
20 Dr. Abhijit Kulkarni JR-2     2010
21 Dr.Amit Paramne
JR-1 Dr.J.B.Hedawoo
22 Dr.Anil Jadhav
JR-1 Dr.B.B.Gupta
23 Dr.G.Jannawar
JR-1 Dr.M.Shastri
24 Dr. Abhay Pandit
JR-1 Dr.N.K.Jaiswal
25 Dr.V.P. Rathod
JR-1 Dr.D.Jahagirdar
26 Dr. R.H. Naik
JR-1 Dr.N.Nagdeve
27 Dr. M.M. Mastud
JR-1 Dr.A.M.Quraishi
28 Dr.Sushilkumar Shinde
JR-1 Dr.S.P.Matkari   2011
29 Dr. Bang
JR-1     2011
30 Dr.Kalpesh Wagh
JR-1     2011
31 Dr. U. Shelke JR-1     2011