Research ( PATHOLOGY )

Research Publications in indexed journals in last three years.
Microfilariae in fine needle aspirates : a repot of 22 cases. ; The Indian J. of Patho
        and Micro: Volume 49 –Number 3- July 2006  pg. No. 365-369.
Seropervalence of HIV,HBV,HCV and Syphilis in blood donors of Central India
         Biomedical Research, 17(2):139-143, 2006
FNAC of Salivary Gland. A Useful Tool in Preoperative Diagnosis or a
        cytopathologist’s  Riddle ?  Journal of Cytology, Vol.24 No.2   Pg. No. 85-88, 2007.
Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Bone Tumors.: Acta Cytologica,
         Vol.51, No.5;  Sept.-Oct 2007.
Hemophagocytic syndrome : A cause for fatal outcome in tuberculosis.: Indian
       J.of Pathoogy and Microbiology, Volume 52  , issue 2- Apr-June 2009.
Scrape cytology in rare case of hairy tongue.
      J of Cytology – Volume 26 Issue 2 April- Jun 2009  ,P 91-93
Adenoi cystic carcinoma of the external auditory cana : Report of two cases.
      Indian J of Pathooy an Microbiooy Vol.52 : Issue 4 Oct.-Dec. 2009 page No. 540
Mucenaus Cystainoca in Kidney ( A case report  ) ( International J.of Urology.)