Establishment :1971
I) List of Head of Anaesthesiology Departments Since 1971 till Date
Sr.No Name From To
1 Dr. M. B. Dube 1971 1972
2 Dr. R. K. Pradhan 1972 1983
3 Dr. H. J. Mankeshwar. 1983 1988
4 Dr. V. B. Dave 1988 1989
5 Dr. H. J. Mankeshwar 1989 1998
6 Dr. M.D. Phadke 1998 2000
7 Dr. K.S. Kale 2000 2006
8 Dr. R.G. Deshmukh 2006 2007
9 Dr. S.T. Pande 2007 till date
1. Department of Anaesthesiology was started as a Separate Deptt. in 1963, but Official Head of Deptt.
    post was since 1971.
2. It is noteworthy that the members from the department of Anaesthesiology, GMC, Nagpur,
    held the post of Dean in Medical Colleges of Maharashtra State.
Dr. Chandrakapure
Dr. Dave
Dr. Shirolkar
Dr. Mankeshwar.
3. Though the subject Anaesthesiology is a allied to Surgery as per U.G. courses. Anaesthesiology department is existing     as a fulfledged department separately in the institution since the inception and now it is well established with modern     necessary equipments including Anaesthesia workstations, Monitors and ventilators etc.
4. Diploma course in Anaesthesia (D.A.) was started by Nagpur Univeristy in 1960, and M.D.(Anaes.) in 1972.
5. Pre Anaesthesia check up OPD was started in the year 2007 in the Main OPD premises.
II) Faculty (Teaching staff)
Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Contact No E-mail
1 Dr. Ms. S.T. Pande Prof.& Head MBBS,DA MD 9422825101
2 Dr. V.R.Shrotey Professor MBBS,DA MD 9423681094  
3 Dr. P.G. Dhumne
Assoc.Prof. MBBS,DA MD 9823051987  
4 Dr. W.S. Barsagade
Assoc.Prof. MBBS,DA MD 9850324454  
5 Dr. Mrs. S.A. Bakshi Assoc.Prof. MBBS,DA MD 9422810340  
6 Dr. Archana Vaidya Lecturer MBBS.MD 9822469389  
7 Dr. Sheetal Dalal Lecturer MBBS.MD 9822226676  
8 Dr. Anand Dalwani Lecturer MBBS.MD 9423100622  
9 Dr. R. Sugandh Lecturer MBBS.MD 9822941179  
10 Dr. D. Fating Lecturer MBBS.MD 9822470995  
11 Dr. S. Bule Lecturer MBBS.MD 9657250781  
12 Dr. V. Ankalwar Lecturer MBBS.MD 9975497971  
13 Dr. R. Nagmote Lecturer MBBS.MD 9323602314  
14 Dr. R. Tambe Lecturer MBBS.MD 9850338387  
III) Faculty (Nonteaching staff)
Sr.No Name Designation
1 Mr. M. M. Mahajan Stenographer.
2 Mr. Suresh Ragde Naik
3 Mr. Ghate Cl. IV (CPL)
4 Mr. Solanki Cl. (C IVPL)
5 Mr. Raut Cl. IV (CPL)