Establishment : 1946
Contact No. : Landline : 0712-2701684
Extension No. 284
Fax No. 0712-2744489
Location: Academic Section - New Building of Allied Health Sciences Clinical Section – O P D No. 91
History : HOD is supposed to furnish list of previous Heads year wise, important miles stones like year of UG/PG recognition from MCI, or year of starting new courses if any, or any other information in short.
I) Courses Offered with Intake Capacity
a. Please give names of Special Services, Clinics, Lab services, patient education programmes etc.
Sr.No Name of Course Intake Capacity
1 Under Graduation (B.O.Th)
2 Post Graduation (M.O.Th) 2 Student /Guide/Year
II) Facilities Provided
a. Orthopedic Unit:
EMG & NCV studies
Gait Analysis (standard machine to analyse gait pathology)
Neuromuscular Training exerciser
Shoulder CPM (continuous passive motion)
Hand Orthotics
b) Medicine\ Neurology unit:
Treadmill machine for cardiac management
Neuromuscular Training exerciser
c) Pediatric unit:
Sensory Integration Therapy for Autistic, ADHD, LD.
Neurodevelopment Therapy for CP, Downs’s syndrome, etc.
(Neonatal care) NICU based occupational therapy management of
High risk babies.
d) Psychiatric Unit
Evaluation & fitness certification of Medical board cases
Stress Management Clinic
Deaddiction Clinic
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Activity Based Rehabilitation of Psychiatric patients
e) Psychology Lab
IQ Testing
Aptitude testing
Learning disorder & ADHD cases screening.
f) Hand Therapy:
Fluidotherapy for cases of edema, #,stiff hand , etc.
Graded Hand exercise Program
Standard evaluation of Hand Functions.
III) Research Activities
A. CME, Workshop, or conferences organized by Department
Sr.No Name of programme Date &Year
1 Orthotic management of U.E. Orthopedic Conditions
2 Multidisciplinary Approach in Hemophilia Management 17/04/07
3 Disaster Management & Role of OT 28/07/07
4 Camp for Deaf & Dumb in Saoner 23/08/07
5 Sports Injuries in Knee Joint and its post Arthroscopic management in O T 20/09/07
6 45th National Conference of OT EMCON -8 to commemorate Golden Jubilee of OT School & centre ,GMC, Nagpur. 11th -13th Jan 08
7 School Based Occupational Therapy March 08
8 Occupational Therapy in Acute Care May 08
9 Marketing Occupational Therapy 27/02/09
B. Postgraduat Thesis Work :
Sr.No Name of Resident PG-1/2/3/ Name of Guide Name of Title Year of Submission
1 Dr.Sonali Gondhule PG-3rd Year Dr.(Mrs).Sofia Azad To Study the Impact of Assistive devices on Psychosocial well being& Self care functioning in patients with higher Spinal Cord .Injury Dec.2009
IV)Achievments by Staff members (Academic & Extracurricular)
Deptt. of Anaesthesiolgoy, GMC, Nagpur. P. G. Activity w.e.f.1.7.09 to 9.10.09
1. Appreciation Shield - Florida International University College of Nursing & Health Sciences, O T Department,     Miami,Florida.
V) OPD/ SPECIALITY Clinic schedule.
Schedule for speciality clinic: All units are specialty Units.
Name of Clinic Days of Clinic Name of Incharge Of Clinic Timings of Clinic
Orthopedic(I) All Days Dr. Sofia Azad 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
Neuromedicine(II) All Days Dr. Manish Bhawatkar 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
Pediatric(II) All Days Dr. Lokpriya Sakhare 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
Psychiatric / Psycho Lab(IV) All Days Dr. Deepak Asia 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
Hand Therapy (V) All Days Dr. Leena Deshpande 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
ADL(VI) All Days Dr. R. S. Pajai 8.30 am – 1.30 pm
No.of Unit Name of Unit Incharge Associate Professor Assistant Professor (Lecturer) Occ.Therapist PG Ist Year PG IInd Year PG IIIrd Year
I Dr. Sofia Azad - Dr.Sofia Azad - 1.Dr.Sampada Labhe
2.Dr.Ashiwini Hazare
- Dr.Sonali
II Dr. Manish Bhawatkar - - Dr.Manish Bhawatkar -
- -
III Dr. Lokpriya Sakhare
- - Dr.Lokpriya Sakhare 1.Dr. Sunil Deshmukh
2. Dr. Laxmi Ganjapure
IV Dr. Deepak Asia - Dr.Deepak Asia - -
V Dr. Leena Deshpande - Dr.Leena Deshpande - - -

VI Dr. R. S. Pajai - - Dr. R. S. Pajai - - -
XI ) Any Other Information
Occupational therapy department participated and bagged 2nd prize in a exhibition named “Arogyam conducted by Government MEDICAL College Nagpur for city people for one week..
Occupational Therapy Department participated in camp Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan organized by Nagpur Municipal Corporation for one week in month of May 08.
Occupational Therapy Department also participated in diagnostic & Medical checkup camp for city people organized by Vilasrao Muttemwar.2008
Organized Felicitation ceremony of Dr. Uday Bodhankar, Madam Smt. Suniti Bodhankar and Dr S. W. Kulkarni on 31st July 09 at the Seminar Hall of newly constructed Allied Health Sciences building for their valuyable contribution in their respective field.