Establishment : 1946
I) Occu.Therapy Previous Head of Department
Sr.No Name Designation From To
1 Dr. R. K. Ojha Director 1958
2 Dr. M. R. Kulkarni Director 1964
3 Dr. (Mrs). N.R. Chitnavis Director 1968
4 Dr. M. G. Deo Add.Director 1993
5 Dr. D. R. Chopde Add.Director 1995
6 Dr. P P Ukey Superintendent 1997 Till Date
Important Milestones
1958- Establishment of OT School Starting of Diploma course of 2years including 4months internship
1963-graduate programme of 2years 6months affiliated to Nagpur University, M Th o (by research) Nagpur University.
1983-1989-graduate programme of 3years 6months affiliated to Nagpur University,
1990-1992-graduate programme of 4years including 6 months internship affiliated to Nagpur University,
1993-1997-graduate programme of 4years 6months affiliated to Nagpur University.
1998-Till date-graduate programme of 4years 6months including 6months internship affiliated to Maharashtra university of health sciences, Nashik. (MUHS),
2007-starting of M.O.Th (Master of Occupational Therapy) 3 years, post graduate programme affiliated to MUHS , Nashik.
II) Faculty (Teaching Staff )
Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Contact No E-mail
1 Dr. P. P.Ukey Superitendent M. Th.O 9822930309 ukey_9@yahoo.co.in
2 Dr. Sofia Azad Lecturer M.Sc. OT 9823060144 sofiaazad2000@yahoo.co.in
3 Dr. Leena.Deshpande Lecturer M. Th.O 9422443263 leenadesh123@rediffmail.com
4 Dr. Deepak B. Asia Lecturer M.O.Th 9371410305 deepakasia2001@yahoo.com
III) Faculty ( Nonteaching Staff )
Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr. R. S. Pajai Accupational Therapist
2 Dr. Manish Bhawatkar Accupational Therapist
3 Dr. L. U. Sakhare Accupational Therapist