Establishment :
I) Dept. of Radiation Therapy & Oncology

Radiation therapy & Oncology is a new nomenclature for old Radiotherapy, which means treatment of diseases with ionizing radiations. Previously , the department was combined under the name of Radiology; i.e. combination of Radio diagnosis and Radiotherapy.

Background of Establishment of Radiotherapy Treatment

It is important to note that even at the time of inception of present hospital building during 1953, the Radiotherapy equipments like Contact Ray Therapy, Superficial X-Ray Therapy, Water cooled Watson’s Deep X-Ray Therapy and later on oil cooled Deep X-Ray therapy were available in this institute. These machines worked for 3 decades till 1980.

During 1981 a proposal from Govt. of India came for setting up of indigenous Cobalt Unit with the financial assistance from govt. of India and first Cobalt Unit was Started in this institute on 30th September 1982. This unit worked for about 20 years and was withdrawn from it's use in July-August 2002. On this unit, more that 16,000 patients were treated in 20 years at an average rate of 60-80 patients per day

Brachytherapy was added in the dept. around 1962- 63 with Radium needles for Interstitial therapy and later on Cobalt sources for Intracavitary therapy. Manual after load Intracavitary treatment using Cobalt Sources was introduced during 1982.

Radium sources were withdrawn by BARC in 1988, however use of cobalt sources continued for Intracavitary treatment. During 1992, BARC applicators with Cesium 137 sources for manual Intracavitary treatment were added, but due to repeated contaminations of the applicators and leakage of sources, the cesium sources were also withdrawn from the treatment.

Separation & Development of the Department

Due to persistent pressure from MCI and BARC, the combined Radiology department was bifurcated in 1997 and an independent Radiation therapy Dept. came into existence. Dr. K.M. Kamble became the first Professor & Head of the independent Radiation Therapy & Oncology Department.

2002 to 2006 was the dark period for the dept. when the department was without any Radiotherapy facility and was struggling for procuring new cobalt unit. However, with the financial assistance of Rs. 2.88 crore from Govt. of India under NCCP ( National Cancer Control Programmer) a new cobalt unit Theratron 780-E was installed and put into use on 16th October 2006.

New Microselectron HDR Remote After load Brachytherapy started in new building in March 2009 with dedicated C-arm Image intensifier. A new day care ward resumed functioning in new Building since Oct. 2009. A Physics block with mould room along with physics and Radiobiology teaching section has been made independently since Oct 2009.

As a major part of palliative treatment, availability of oral morphine is the asset for the cancer patients and the institute is the only Medical College in the State of Maharashtra to have this facility of oral Morphine for the cancer patients.

A population based Cancer Registry a branch of Indian Cancer Registry run by Indian Cancer Society, Mumbai under the agesis of ICMR ( New Delhi ) is working as a part of the Department.

In the coming year Linear Accelerator with IMRT/ IGRT facilities with cone bean C.T. simulator and treatment planning system etc. are likely to be added

With all these, the Radiation therapy and Oncology Dept. will be a state of art department in the State of Maharashtra which will be the pride not only for the institute but for Vidarbha and Maharashtra along with adjoining states.

II) Faculty (Teaching Staff) (May 2010)
Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr. K.M. Kamble Prof & Head
2 Dr. A.K. Diwan Lecturer
3 Dr. V.K. Mahobia Lecturer
III ) Faculty (Non Teaching staff)
Sr.No Name Designation

Mrs Uma Sharma

Physicist & Radiation Safety Officer
One Post of Physicist - Vacant


Mr. Ajay Alpheus

Senior Technician


Mrs. Asha Patange

X-Ray Technician


Mrs. S.S. Khandeshwar

Physicist Technician


Mr. Vijay Vaidya

X-Ray Teachnician,s


Ms. Poonam Ramteke

X-Ray Technician


Mrs Ashwini Puranik

Medical Social Worker


Mrs, Neha Chitore

Medical Record Technicain


Mrs. Ranjana Sondawale


IV) Administrative Staff
Sr.No Name Designation

Mr. Ramesh Ganvir

Sr. Assistant


Mr. Kirti Bodele

Jr. clerk

V) Nursing Staff
Sr.No Name Designation

Mrs. Manorama Thoolkar

Sister In-charge


Mrs. Shubhashini Martin

Staff Nurse


Mrs Baby Chopde

Staff Nurse


Mrs. Kunda Gajbhiye

Staff Nurse


Mrs. Ponnama Nair

Staff Nurse


Mrs. David

Staff Nurse

The Staff for Indoor ward in separate
VI) Supporting Staff
A. Attendants/ Ward Boys
Mr Ujin Modak
Mrs. Vidya Sonkar
Mrs. Varsha Wase
Mr. Abhay Jais
Mr. Robin Philip
Mr. Samrat Shende
B. Safai Kamgar
Mrs. Kamal Marbate
Mr. Mohan More
Mr. Ravi Chawre